"We have cracked the Scent Code of the world’s most exclusive perfume ranges and we offer it to you in a compelling package at a fraction of the price - its a true story" - Hayley Kilov


Welcome to the story of Hayley Kilov's inspired range of perfumes, candles, room scents, reed diffusers, fragrance oils, hand soap and lotions and les petits. She has an absolute passion for creating scent's that at any given moment can trigger a million beautiful stories, images and romances.

Manufactured with love and passion, Scent Codes contains a unique blend of top class, high quality and exclusive international fragrances to ensure that you can enjoy your scent. A whole lot stronger for a whole lot longer. At a truly affordable price. 

Our focus is quality first, offering exclusivity and differentiating from the norm.

What is unique about Scent Codes, one may ask...Well, unlike traditional eau de parfum which is diluted on a 20% base oil, to 80% alcohol, our fragrances contain 30% base oil to 70% alcohol to ensure the fragrance is enjoyed even more, for longer.

We hope you enjoy our range of products as much as we have enjoyed making them!!